Hi, I’m Taylor and I write ‘Ginger and Salt’, with the help of some of my foodie friends.

I spend what some would say is an unreasonable amount of my waking hours eating, reading, and talking about food.  I love reading food blogs and magazines, and nothing excites me more than telling a close friend about the insanely delicious dish that I tried at a new restaurant.

There are a few things that when spotted on a menu, I have no choice but to order.  This includes, but is not limited to: burrata, figs, honey, Bolognese, spicy tequila, Mama Lil’s peppers, and anything involving ginger.  Crusty baguettes with butter, oysters on the half shell, and a glass (or bottle) of dry rose are also weaknesses.

My family shares a deep love of restaurants and the dining experience.  Growing up, I thought that the slender, maroon Zagat guides were travel books, since they are the only things my dad refers to when visiting another city.  We’re the annoying people who are planning our dinner as we’re eating lunch.  Whether it be enjoying squab and quail egg at Eleven Madison Park in NYC or sharing fish and chips at Spud’s on Alki Beach in Seattle, these adventures in eating have marked our family history and continue to make up some of our most special moments.

While living in Washington, DC three years ago, I received a wonderful Christmas present from my dear friend Alyssa.  It was called “A Diary of Eating Out” and was a essentially a scrapbook made for saving restaurant business cards and documenting each special dining experience in a beautiful way.  Needless to say, the entire book was filled up within about 10 months.   Since I ran out of space, I wanted to create a virtual scrapbook for my family and friends to come together to share these experiences.

I am by no means a restaurant critic, I’m just a girl who loves to eat good food.



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