ginger and salt

friendsgiving, year four.

dsc_0053What a week it has been.  Looking at these pictures, I long to go back to the weekend prior to the election when we were still wrapped tightly in a figurative (and literal) Pendleton-print security blanket.  All of our ballots had been mailed in and we were only a couple of sleeps away from electing our first woman president. Or so we thought.

But we can’t go back in time, of course, and now here we are.

While so much of the future now feels scary and uncertain, I’m always grateful for traditions with close friends – safe spaces where you can feel at peace and braid each others’ hair and eat homemade Cheez-its in your jammies.  Where you can walk in the woods and collect berries and twigs and look for mushrooms.  Spaces where you can recharge.  Where you can disagree and ask questions and hug and move on and be better for it.

This year’s event felt particularly “grown-up.”  Not only do we now have a baby and a dog in the mix, but our oven scheduling and kitchen communication skills have been honed enough to allow us to sit down for dinner prior to 9pm.  It felt like a big win.

We’re back home now, and the turkey and stuffing leftovers are long gone. Since we can’t stay hiding out in the woods for the next four years, I have implemented two new traditions upon my return: taking time each week to create something (art, music, writing, etc. – we are calling it ‘Makers’ Monday’ in our house) and an automated monthly donation to a cause I care about.  They are not enough, but they are something for now. Perhaps you will consider doing one or both or creating a different tradition of your own. There is so much to be thankful for and we can’t take one bit of it for granted.

Wishing all of you a CNN-free holiday with family, friends, and lots of pumpkin pie.


{Nat’s beautiful pie lattice.}


{The best new Friendsgiving addition: our baby bear, Carter}


{“This one screams, this one cries.”}dsc_0018dsc_0028

{Rowy, the official Friendsgiving mascot.}


{My favorite dish this year: Jessica’s Twice Baked Baby Butternut Squash}dsc_0078dsc_0088dsc_0093dsc_0099

{Dylan’s beautiful cheese spread.}


{Trying, and failing, to do our best Real Housewives impression.]


{Ryan, the poultergeist, at work.}


{One too many cocktails led to the formation of The Corn Sisters, a fierce foursome who use dried corn cobs as their microphones.}


{Jessica’s homemade pastries for Sunday breakfast.}dsc_0168dsc_0144





    T, so peacefully written and thought out. Fun to relive the joy that is friendsgiving. ❤️ thankful we have this tradition.


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  2. Alyssa Fitch

    You’re back!!! Loved this so much. And so jealous of this tradition and that you have so many foodie friends who make amazing things. ❤️❤️❤️👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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