ginger and salt

dinner party: friendsgiving, take two.

Last weekend I made the trek home to Seattle for what has quickly become one of my favorite weekends of the year: Friendsgiving.  Put me in a huge open kitchen where I can wear pajamas and cook all day (and blast T. Swift) with some of my favorite people and I’m in heaven.  I didn’t know if we would be able to outdo ourselves after last year’s feast, but somehow we managed.

Friday involved a long walk in the woods, homemade pizzas with endless amounts of chanterelles (foraged by Jess and Dylan…because, of course), and a wild night spent at the oldest bar in Washington State, The Brick.  On Saturday, everyone groggily made their way downstairs, one by one.  Friendsgiving morning calls for bacon in the cast iron skillet and coffee and scrambled eggs and Advil.  I made Renee Erickson’s turnip, apple, and leek soup for lunch and we discussed Serial, Homeland, and Kim K’s butt by the fire.

This year, we (accidentally) had a bit of a Spanish-style Friendsgiving. Several Manhattans, a few oven glitches, and one Motown dance party later, we sat down for dinner at 10:30. Oops.  However, we did manage to make our own version of the “Shake It Off” aerobics video (not for public consumption) so it certainly wasn’t wasted time.

Some of last year’s hits made a welcome reappearance at dinner: Jess’s homemade Cheezits (that have to be hidden from us until cocktail hour), Dylan’s cheese everything (Mt. Townsend Holiday Cheer cheese! Homemade mozzarella and burrata! Cheese sauce with cauliflower and broccoli!), Connor’s cheddar biscuits with ten types of jam (notice a trend here?)  And of course, it’s not Friendsgiving without Ryan’s Norman Rockwell-esque turkey.

We had games and toasts. Two types of stuffing. Katie’s amazing kale, brussels sprouts, pomegranate salad.  Kelsey’s fig and goat cheese crostini.  Natalie’s caramel apple pie that was straight out of Martha Stewart Living.  Mashed potatoes.  Twice baked sweet potatoes.  The list goes on and on.

Sunday came way too quickly, as it always does.  Let the countdown for next year begin.
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    Dang girl – I am still waiting to learn how to make the Cheezits! Get the recipe because Gus wants some! Miss you. I must have your meet Hannah in Chicago. xooxoxoxox L

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