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early bird gets the worm: barista parlor.

The memory of our dark, early morning ride on the ‘L’ in Chicago to O’Hare that morning for our flight quickly vanished as soon as we pulled up at Barista Parlor in East Nashville.  The retractable garage doors were up and the 80 degree warm weather and sunlight were spilling into the lovely, open space.

Caitlin, my dear friend (who you may recognize from her DC guest post), has returned to Nashville and is all-knowing when it comes to where to eat, drink, and shop (the three pillars of any good vacation). Cait swooped Cammie and I at the airport around 8:15 that morning, and by 8:30 we were settled at Barista Parlor, gabbing on the patio in the sunshine.

photo 5{Early morning latte upon arrival in Nashville}

Every person at Barista Parlor is beautiful, from the ones behind the counter in industrial aprons and cuffed jeans to the probably-famous-musicians sipping fancy coffee amongst their friends at each table.  The space is beautiful with an impeccable display at the front counter, filled with expensive chocolate bars in perfect packaging and house-made baked goods.  There was so much visual stimulation between the people-watching and the interior itself; I was like a kid in a candy shop.  (I even ran into my cousin’s friend from Michigan who was in town visiting friends! What a small world.)

photo (53)

photo (52) {Incredibly packaged chocolate among other delicious baked goods}

Here’s the thing: My dad (and your dad) would hate this place.  His Crocs would be shunned and he would be freaking out if it took more than five minutes for his coffee to arrive.  We luckily beat the soon-to-be massive line and had our trusty local to point us in the right direction in terms of what to order, but there is only one actual menu at the register (it’s small and beautifully framed in wood) and it took a solid thirty minutes before our breakfast sandwiches arrived.  I could seriously hear my dad in my head saying “Ten dollars for this chocolate bar? You’ve gotta be kidding me…” and me whimpering, “But daaad, it’s from Brooklyn! And look at the pretty packaging!”

You may or may not be familiar with Jerry Seinfeld’s web mini-series Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, but it reminded me of the episode with Sarah Silverman when they are experiencing terribly slow service at a coffee shop. Jerry says to Sarah something to the effect of, ‘You know what I think is happening here? We’re suffering from hipster service.”

photo 1

{I love the pixelated nautical piece on the back wall}

photo 2

{This little guy joined us at our seats in lieu of a table number}

photo 4

On a day when I am rushing to work, I don’t have the luxury of waiting twenty plus minutes for breakfast, but we were in vacation mode and plus, everything is just a bit slower in the South, right?  Truly, these breakfast sandwiches are worth the wait.  I would even go as far to say that it was the best sausage breakfast sandwich I’ve ever eaten.  Cammie and I later described it to ourselves while reminiscing as a perfect, elevated Sausage McMuffin (I dare you to try and deny that you don’t love McDonald’s breakfast on a hungover morning).

The biscuit was flaky and moist, but didn’t ever fall apart which completely amazed me.  It hugged the juicy sausage patty and fluffy eggs so wonderfully; everything about this sandwich was harmonious.  What really sent the sandwich over the edge was the smear of “Peach Truck” peach jam on the inside of the biscuit.  I only wish I could’ve had more self-restraint and didn’t gobble it up so quickly.
photo (54)

{The PRB Sausage Biscuit aka my little piece of heaven}

photo 3

{Trying to make up for our Seattle Vitamin D deficiency on the patio}

There were other dishes that looked delicious on the menu such as the The Ham and Swiss on a brioche roll with house-made pickles and maple-bourbon dijonnaise and the Pop’s Chocolate Topped Waffle made with Mast Brothers Chocolate. Next time perhaps.

Barista Parlor was the perfect place to kick off the Nashville-leg of our vacation.  Even though you run the risk of Jerry’s so-called ‘hipster service’, you can distract yourself by watching the dreamy baristas and and eavesdropping on music scene gossip while you wait.  Just don’t bring your dad.  Seriously.

Barista Parlor, 519 Gallatin Avenue, Nashville, TN, (615) 712.9766,, Open Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 6:00 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm



  1. UGH I need another next-level sausage biscuit with egg. I miss Cait telling me to please stop touching every hipster chocolate bar in line. When in Nash! Can’t wait for the rest of the vacay posts to relive all our incredible eats.

  2. Con

    I can totally picture that dad convo happening, and with mine as well. UGH, it’s so unfair that our generation is pigeonholed as the instantly gratified…we’ll wait as long as it takes for a delish breakfast Sammy no problem. By the way, peach and buscuit combined with breakfast. I want that so bad!

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