ginger and salt

family dinner: joule.

Life has been a little more hectic than usual lately, so I haven’t been able to share my most recent adventures in eating. However, before I board a plane to take a much needed getaway for a few days, I wanted to briefly write about a very special dinner I recently enjoyed at Joule in Fremont.

I have to confess that I never made it to the original location of Joule on 45th in Wallingford, but had always heard great things.  (I absolutely adore Joule’s more casual sister restaurant, Revel.) Joule now resides in the Fremont Collective as next door neighbor to The Whale Wins in a beautiful space that feels both modern and cozy, and very Seattle.  (It should be noted that the two restaurants tied for #9 on Bon Appetit’s Top 10 Best New Restaurants this year so they’re clearly doing something right.)


{The cozy outdoor patio in front of Joule, complete with fire pit.}

There’s really nothing like the comfort of eating out with my family on the rare occasion that we’re all together.  You barely even blink and we’ve already settled back into our usual banter; the four of us are never more at ease than when we’re sharing a meal together.  None of us had ever eaten at Joule so it was a treat to divide and conquer the menu, each of us picking out dishes that caught our eye.


{Beef Tartare with Asian Pear and Spicy Cod Roe Aioli}

The beef tartare was my call and while I truly still think I could and would eat the steak tartare from The Walrus and The Carpenter every day, this was a lovely interpretation of the classic dish; I’d never tasted anything like it.  The Asian pear made the tartare almost refreshing with a light crunch.  It’s not served with toasts as the dish is so delicate and wonderful on it’s own.


{Cold Smoked Escolar with Pickled Seaweed and Daikon}

Another hit of the night was this cold smoked escolar that our server had recommended.  The texture was silky and smooth with a wonderful smoky flavor.  Creamy and delicious.


{Smoked Tofu with Honshimeji Confit and Soy Truffle Vinaigrette}

I really have tried to like tofu, but it has yet to happen for me.  (Really, I try so hard.)  The flavors of the smokiness of the tofu (smoked in house) with the vinaigrette were great, but I just can’t get past the texture.  My mom and sister had no problem taking my share of the dish.


{Duck Pastrami Fried Rice with Pickled Currant and Nam Prik}

The duck pastrami fried rice was my favorite of the night.  In fact, I’m craving it right now. And I was craving it yesterday, and the day before that…They make the duck pastrami in house and the savory flavor of the duck with the rice and the greens combined with the sweet pickled currant is heaven.  Such a humble dish with so much thought put into it.

IMG_2478{Saturday night buzz}


{Octopus with Boy Choy and Hot Bacon Vinaigrette}

This dish was another highlight for me.  The octopus was wonderfully tender (not chewy at all) and when mixed with bacon and grilled lemon, you really can’t go wrong.  My favorite part was the crispy end of the tentacle because it just melted on my tongue.


{Chinese Broccoli and Walnut Pesto}


{Summer Squash with Thai Basil and Boquerones}

The two vegetable dishes were good, but the broccoli was the stronger of the pair.  The walnut pesto was really delicious and interesting. The squash was a bit disappointing.  I love boquerones, which is why I ordered it, but aside from the boquerones themselves, the squash didn’t pack the same flavor punch as the rest of the dishes.


{“That” Short Rib Steak with Kalbi and Grilled Kimchi}

If there is ever the word “that” in quotations in front of a menu item, it is wise to order it.  Joule has earned itself a reputation for its steak and this dish explains why. I know my sad picture makes it looks like it’s resting in a bed of ketchup in this picture, but the sauce was incredible and this meat was perfectly cooked.  Crispy and seared on the outside, tender on the inside; each bite just melted away.




{Grilled Peaches with Shortcake and Mascarpone Gelato}

I have been known to get so wrapped up in post dinner conversations that I forget to snap a picture of each dessert and this was one of those instances.   Above is one of the special end-of-summer desserts with grilled peaches, a flaky shortcake, and what I remember to be mascarpone gelato.  I just remember the gelato wasn’t too sweet and acted like a sour cream component to balance out the other sweet flavors.  The dish that was accidentally left off my camera is the signature Joule Box dessert.  This is a must-order. It comes with a beautiful pearl tapioca with coconut and a grapefruit brulee and it’s overall magical and very unique. IMG_2481

{Closing time}

When you’ve spent the majority of your life in one place, it’s easy to get comfortable when it comes to food and go back to your tried and true favorites come Saturday night.  However, let me assure you, whether it’s your first time or fiftieth time at Joule, you will not be disappointed.

Joule, 3506 Stone Way North Seattle, WA, (206) 632.5685,, Open for Dinner Everyday Starting at 5 p.m., Brunch on Weekends from 10am-2pm, Reservations Strongly Recommended.



  1. Just thought I’d connect and say hello! We are moving to Seattle in just over a week and our ‘To Try’ restaurant list is growing rapidly. Your aunt Katrina passed along your info (a family Holland connection) and mentioned your blog and I’m glad she did! If you have any restaurant recommendations for the Seattle area feel free to send them along, I would love to keep growing our list.

  2. Monica

    When I went there with Mark and Patrick I told them I needed you there to translate the menu 🙂 The Duck Pastrami Fried Rice with Pickled Currant and Nam Prik must be new… I need that pronto!!

    • Ha! You are too funny. You’ll have to tell me what you ended up ordering! I’m craving a Revel visit soon…you need to get back to Joule before the Duck Pastrami is gone! Thanks for reading, Mons:)

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